Charles Darwin Biography book

Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

charles-darwinCharles Darwin was a naturalist who observed species in the Galapagos islands during the 19th century. Darwin was interested in animals and insects when he was a child, and often neglected his studies to catch insects. When the British Royal Navy went on a scientific expedition, Darwin was recruited to be a naturalist. He was able to study different animals and plants along the South American coast during this expedition and was amazed by the things he saw. In 1859, Darwin published his book ‘On the Origin of Species”, which is about his theory on evolution.

Darwin theorized that creatures on the Earth adapted and changed overtime as the Earth changed. This theory was considered scandalous by many people during that time, because the Bible was considered correct. Darwin’s theory was that we all have a common ancestor, and the species evolved differently through natural selection.

bifinchesNatural selection was Darwin’s greatest contribution to the theory of evolution. He was able to infer from the different beak sizes of finches he saw on the Galapagos islands that they adapted based on their needs to survive. Natural selection is a theory that species with a characteristic that allows them to survive pass on these characteristics to their offspring. This continues for generation and generations with different characteristics each time from mutations, resulting in the different species available. This is important because it infers that we all come from a common ancestor.

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Creation Research Soiety Books Did Charles Darwin Become a Christian?
Book (Creation Research Soiety Books)

Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity a Surprise Hit

by snakebyteXX

June 22, 2007; Page B1
Summer beach-reading season is just beginning, and already several books have broken out from the pack, such as Walter Isaacson's biography of Albert Einstein, and Conn and Hal Iggulden's "The Dangerous Book for Boys."
But the biggest surprise is a blazing attack on God and religion that is flying off bookshelves, even in the Bible Belt. "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything," by Christopher Hitchens, wasn't expected to be a blockbuster. Its publisher, Twelve, a fledgling imprint owned by France's Lagardère SCA, initially printed a modest 40,000 copies

You give me a book written by a MOONIE

by Ignatiuso2

Who admits he set out to deny evolution in order to please FATHER MOON. Icons of evolution. THat's the scientific PROOF we're ignoring..........Do you even know what proof is??????
In 1976, Jonathan Wells a student in Moon's seminary, answered his leader's call. Wells writes, "Father's [Moon's] words, my studies, and my prayers convinced me that I should devote my life to destroying Darwinism, just as many of my fellow Unificationists had already devoted their lives to destroying Marxism. When Father chose me to enter a PhD program in 1978, I welcomed the opportunity to prepare myself for battle

Bird brainiacs: The genius of pigeons

— New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..


What are some interesting/strange facts about Charles Darwin?

Charles Rober Darwin, the naturalist, was made famous in scientific communities for his work in Geology following publication of his work after his five year journey aboard the Beagle.
He is one of only five non-royals to be honored with a state funeral and buried at Westminster Abbey.

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