What Did Charles Darwin Study?

Free Tep CDU Sydney

Great initiative from Charles Darwin University, The Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP) is a free*, online course that gives adults the minimum entry requirements to university as well as the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

TEP is an online course that can be studied from home at your own pace, giving adults the flexibility to study and meet existing commitments.

For those that didn’t finish year 12 or just want to build their confidence before getting back into the swing of study, successful completion of TEP gives the minimum entry requirements to most undergraduate courses at Charles Darwin University (CDU).

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I did. Here is what it does...

by stogie5

The appendix may not be useless after all. The worm-shaped structure found near the junction of the small and large intestines evolved 32 times among mammals, according to a new study. The finding adds weight to the idea that the appendix helps protect our beneficial gut bacteria when a serious infection strikes.
Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to theorize on the function of the appendix, which in his day had been identified only in humans and other great apes. He hypothesized that the distant ancestors of these animals survived on a diet of leaves, and so they required a large cecum, a portion of the gut that houses bacteria that can break down stubborn plant tissue

— Mother Nature Network
Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this remote volcanic archipelago is famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

The Friday Project The Evolution of Inanimate Objects
Book (The Friday Project)
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