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Charles Darwin Biography (Mini) and the Origin of Species

Charles DarwinThe Charles Darwin Biography (Mini), borne on the 12th February 1809, and he died on the 19th of April 1882. He was an English naturalist and geologist. His greatest contribution was made to the theory of evolution. He born in England at his family home. He was the fifth child of 6 children. His father was a wealthy and renowned doctor and financier, Robert Darwin. His mother was named Susannah Darwin. He grew up in a very learned environment for the age.

Charles also was a gifted child and very often was seen looking at plants. He would draw them, and study them. His mind was keen and he never lost his interest in investigating plants.


His family on both his father's and mother's side were all were Unitarian. No one knew at that time that the little boy would become a world famous personality because of his book. He is remembered even after the passing of over a hundred years. He is best known for the theory of evolution which he introduced in his book known as The Origin Of Species. But he is also an outstanding author with at least 3 other major works to his name.

Charles Darwin

Age 51

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Photo originally from 1859 or 1860. According to the son of Charles Darwin, Francis Darwin, this portrait is by Messrs. Maull and Fox; he writes that "the date of the photograph is probably 1854; it is, however, impossible to be certain on this point, the books of Messrs. Maull and Fox having been destroyed by fire."

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He was a man of will and sure of his efforts, and by the year 1870 many people, as well as the scientific community, all had accepted his words and now had a firm belief in the evolution theory and accepted it as a fact. Charles had a abiding interest in nature from the beginning of his life as a small boy, and this interest enabled him to develop his famous theory of evolution. He is seen at the age of 7 studying plants.

His father wanted him to study medicine. He wanted to be a naturalist. This brought him into conflict with his father.

Interest in Nature

His interest in nature caused him to both reject and neglect his medical education at the University of Edinburgh. Instead of taking time for his studies, he preferred to spend his time studying marine invertebrates and to devote himself to the study of nature. He went to study at University Of Cambridge where his passion was encouraged. His love of natural science took deep root, and this proved to be his life's calling. It is clear that no other occupation would have satisfied his mind.

Pagan hatred of Christianity&the rise of Fascism

by Arte_Mustahfa

The rebirth of paganism was identified quite clearly in the French Revolution, which is widely accepted as the political result of Enlightenment philosophy. The Jacobins, who led the bloody 'terrorist' period of the French Revolution, were influenced by paganism, and nurtured a great hatred of Christianity.
The neo-Pagan tendency which began with the French Revolution was given shape by Friedrich Nietzsche and carried forward to Nazi ideology. Evolutionists such as Charles Darwin, Francis Galton and Ernst Haeckel tried to give so-called scientific support to this new rising paganism, by denying the existence of God, showing that all of life consists of a...


by cheaande

The meaning of Darwinism has changed over time, and varies depending on who is using the term.
The term Darwinism is often used in the United States by promoters of creationism, notably by leading members of the intelligent design movement to describe evolution. In this usage, the term has connotations of atheism. Creationists use the term Darwinism, often pejoratively, to imply that the theory has been held as true only by Darwin and a core group of his followers, whom they cast as dogmatic and inflexible in their belief. Casting evolution as a doctrine or belief bolsters religiously motivated political arguments to mandate equal time for the teaching of creationism in public schools

Hotbed of biodiversity: Fascinating images of wildlife from the Galapagos Islands  — Mother Nature Network
Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this remote volcanic archipelago is famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

The Friday Project The Evolution of Inanimate Objects
Book (The Friday Project)


Angie Rodriguez
What do I mention in my brochure about Charles Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle?

My biology homework project says: You must design and make a travel brochure for a cruise or boat charter that follows the voyages taken by Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle. The types of people who would pay to take this sort of trip would do so to learn more about the history and discoveries made by Darwin so your brochure must include specific highlights and details about Darwin's most famous findings and destinations. You need to include where Darwin departed from and returned to as well as at least 5 other of his destinations (minimum).

HELP!! I need sources where I…

There is an excellent book which describes Darwin's voyage very well giving all the information about where he went, the things he saw and the discoveries he made. It is called "The Voyage of the Beagle" and was written by Charles Darwin. Read the contents pages which will tell you exactly where he went and allow you to refer to the text for other details.

You don't even have to go to the library to read the book, it is online. There are lots of other web sites with information and maps. Google "The Voyage of the Beagle" and check some of the links.

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