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Valdivia Southern Chile tourism information
Valdivia is one of the most historic cities in all southern Chile. Valdivia was founded as the frontier with Mapuche Native Land in 1552 by Pedro de Valdivia. Valdivia has also been on the frontier of culture in Chile for hundreds of years with a colorful mix of Mapuche, Spanish, and German history that has created one of the most spectacular cities in southern Chile. It makes Valdivia stands out not only among the other cities of southern Chile, but among the all the cities of Latin and South America as a truly important piece of world heritage.
Valdivia is one of the largest cities in Southern Chile

Valdivia History

Much of Valdivia's charm is directly related to its history and geography. Valdivia is set on the Calle Calle River, and is about 15 km from the Ocean. This has made it appear to be a appealing and safe harbor for hundreds of years by everyone from Mapuche Natives and Pirates to the Spanish fleets that established a fortress to fight the Mapuche wars. It turned out not to be completely safe, and the entire City was destroyed in the 1960's by a title wave or tsunami followed by a series of earth quakes that hit the southern regions of Chile. Today, the city has been rebuilt with all the historical and cultural glory it was once was known for.

German influence on Valdivia

One of the strong influences to be found in every part of Valdivia is from Germany. It is everywhere from the architecture to the beers that are starting to find their way on to the international markets and back to Germany.History of Valdivia Chile is long tr>

The Austral University in Valdivia, Chile is quickly becoming one of the top Universities in Chile. It is one of the few Universities in Southern Chile that regularly lures away top students from Santaigo's Universities. One of the reasons for the reputation of the Austral University is that it is conducting cutting edge science. Recently however a fire in the Science building resulted in the almost total destruction of priceless research of professors and students, including a one of kind collection of Charles Darwin's specimens that where recently repatriated to Chile for a new Natural History museum. There where no injuries in the Fire. The University is however getting some international help in recovering in the form of an upcoming lecture by Steven Hawkins.

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Today in White History (February 12)

by Swigert

1957 The General Electric Company announced that one of its scientists, Robert H. Wentorf, Jr., had invented Borazon. Borazon is a brand name of a cubic form of boron nitride (CBN). It is one of the hardest known materials, and has many important industrial applications.

1892 The Cinematograph, a combination film camera, developer, and projector, was patented by French inventor Léon Bouly.

1809 English naturalist Charles Darwin was born in Shropshire

Retiring at 82: You've got to like your work  — ABC Local
She's spent the last 20 years working as a lecturer in horticulture at Charles Darwin University. "You've to like your work," says Mrs Hagan when asked why she kept working long after she could have put her feet up. "I like the students, the students ..

Uni ratings' big tick  — The Australian Financial Review
.. the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney, the University of South Australia, Deakin University, Murdoch University, Charles Darwin University, Curtin University of Technology, Flinders University, Griffith ..

On the origin of Species
Book (Easton Press)

Sugar glider moves around the family tree  — ABC Online
Thought for more than 150 years to be a subspecies of sugar glider, researchers based at Charles Darwin University in Darwin have recently found it more closely resembles two other species of glider, and they speculate that it may even represent an ..

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Can you answer Charles Darwin Trivia Quiz?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?????
1) Charles’s Wife, Emma, was a keen and accomplished pianist. From whom did she once receive piano lessons?
A) Fryderyk Chopin
B) Hector Berlioz
C) Franz Liszt

2) When Charles and Emma were first married, they lived in a house in Gower Street, London (now the site of a UCL biology building). What was their nickname for the house?
A) Maer Mansions
B) Macaw Cottage
C) The Boxrooms

3) Which of the following people was NOT left handed?
A) Erasmus Darwin (Charles's…

1. A (from Chopin in Paris)
B - Finches
5. C - The Princess and the Goblin
A - Walter Crick
"Crick replied with not only the answers, but also the beetle and the shell. Both arrived alive, so Darwin put the "wretched" insect in a bottle with chopped ..."
10. B - Australia
"Charles Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle: Chapter XIX: Australia. ... and he who thinks with me will never wish to walk again in so uninviting a country"
15. Joseph Parslow
" Darwin's family home. Down House…

Sebastian Vargas
Can you find the answers the this quiz (mostly basic historic, literary, and scientific trivia)?

A recent survey said that most teenagers living in the US or Europe should be able to get at least 12 of these 16 questions right. I managed to get 15 correct, (I couldn't finish Number 1). (P.S. This survey isn't mine, I just found it and thought it was interesting to see how many could get it).

1. List 10 US Presidents and Major things they did in office.
2. Describe the French Revolution that began in 1789 in moderate detail.
3. List and name the six wives of Henry VIII of England, and what happened to each one.
4. List at least 3 Ancient Humanoid…

I'm not a teenager, and I believe I can answer at least 12 without further research, but anyone claiming that most American or European teenagers could, is dreaming.
I would suggest not one in a thousand could name 5 lovers/husbands of Cleopatra VII.

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