When was Charles Darwin born

Charles Darwin, birth date 12 February 1809, born in

Charles Darwin


English naturalist and author of "Origin of the Species" 1859, causing a storm of debate. His theories of evolution through natural selection instigated a revolution in biological science. The furor increased in 1871 with "The Descent of Man."

The son of a famed doctor, he was raised in a free-thinking family and studied medicine at Edinburgh. He soon abandoned medicine to become a fanatical naturalist.

Darwin married in 1839; of ten kids, five sons survived. Frail in health, he spent a lifetime with a chronic intestinal disorder that caused bouts of vomiting. He died 4/19/1882, London.

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Biography: Adrian Desmond and James Moore, "Darwin, Thej Life of a Tormented Evolutionist, " 1992.


  • Family : Parenting : Kids more than 3 (Ten kids, five died)
  • Family : Parenting : Kids -Traumatic event (Five kids died due to intermarriage)
  • Vocation : Science : Anthropology (Naturalist)
  • Vocation : Writers : Textbook/ Non-fiction

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Darwin's 200th birthday....

by edsdesk

Going Where Darwin Feared to Tread
Scientists Begin to Decode the History of Human Evolution
By David Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 12, 2009; Page A01
In biology's most famous book, "On the Origin of Species," Charles Darwin steered clear of applying his revolutionary theory of evolution to the species of greatest interest to his readers -- their own.
He couldn't avoid it forever, of course. He eventually wrote another tome nearly as famous, "The Descent of Man." But he knew in 1859, when "Species" was published, that to jump right into a description of how human beings had tussled with the environment and one another over eons, changing their appearance, capabilities and behavior in the process, would be hard for...

Humanity and evolution

by --

Although history is not made entirely, or even mostly, by prominent men and women, two great exceptions to that rule were born exactly 200 years ago today, on 12 February 1809: Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.
These men shared more than just a birthday, the loss of a mother in childhood and a date with immortality. They shared a position on one of the great issues of their age: the 'peculiar and powerful interest' of their fellow humans bound in slavery. When he circled the world in the 1830s, Darwin's delight at our planet's natural riches was repeatedly poisoned by the cruelties he saw meted out to slaves

Bird brainiacs: The genius of pigeons  — New Scientist
Before a visit from his friend the geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin wrote: "I will show you my pigeons! Which is the greatest treat, in my opinion, which ..

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What are some interesting/strange facts about Charles Darwin?

Charles Rober Darwin, the naturalist, was made famous in scientific communities for his work in Geology following publication of his work after his five year journey aboard the Beagle.
He is one of only five non-royals to be honored with a state funeral and buried at Westminster Abbey.

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Does anyone know any "really" interesting facts about charles darwin?

I'm doing a project on Charles Darwin, but i don't have any interesting facts, all my facts sound dull and i guess everyone else have that also , so.. please help, thanks ^^

Try looking up his biography in books---or at least sources that investigate his life in length. the shorter stuff only tells the basic details.

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