Charles Darwin 10 pound note

England Puts Charles Darwin on the Back of Its Ten Pound Bank

If you’re not British, or rarely handle English money, perhaps you’ve never noticed that Charles Darwin is on the back of the ten pound note:

Along with the depiction of Darwin, we get compass markers, a ship (presumably the Beagle), and a curious image of a hummingbird agitated by the magnification of a flower.

And notice that Darwin’s bald forehead and flat expression visually echoes the sun and calmed sea on which the Beagle floats. In other words, Darwin’s head is bulbous, like the sun, and his mouth is represented by a horizontal line, like the sea.

This is Darwin as an institutional Apollo taming nature’s “seas”—its once confusing Dionysian mysteries.

I also see, in this representation of Darwin, echoes of the ancient Mesopotamian image of Marduk taming the sea dragon, Tiamat:

In short, Darwin is an authority figure who brings order to nature.

He is thus a logical representative of the glory days of British exploration, intellectual innovation, and imperial power. Further, his scientific insights have carried, for over a century and a half, like the Bank of England, a certain all encompassing, global weight.

Nestled in the lower corner of the British ten pound note, Darwin thus makes for a comfy fit with Britain’s institutional and cultural self-image as a nation committed to reason and global order.

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Hate violence threats over Jane Austen on money

by FloorDolly

Have you all read about the "twitter silence"? As a response to threats on twitter some are boycotting the social media site for 24 hours. It's an ill-formed response as the woman who was threatened doesn't support the boycott, but the story behind the threats is what had my attention.
Great Britain has minted a 10 pound note with the image of Jane Austen on it. I am happy that they are including more women on this important medium, it's more than symbolic to have women feel represented in places where men have long held exclusive dominance.
I love Austen's novels, can recite many lines from some of them nearly verbatim

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