Trips by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Center & Nicole

Nichole and Dawn Darwin center2I was hoping to meet Nicole again. We could only communicate with friendly-loving gestures of smiles, and hand-holding. I was uncertain that she would remember me if we only met once. But when we crossed paths at the Charles Darwin Center both of us giggled with excitement. What a treasure to find my new friend again. I wish I had carried more of the Nature Unfolding Sea Turtle guides, as I would have handed one out to everyone. You can see in this photo, Nicole is holding tightly a Sea Horse guide.

Nicole and I had met a few days earlier on a Galapagos day-trip excursion to Shark Cove in Academy Bay, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. Nicole and her large Ecuadorian family traveled the same tourists routes of very long boat trips, swimming excursions and long walks along rocky lava trails. Therefore, meeting again at the Charles Darwin Center, a simple walk from town, was most likely and the perfect ending of a long week for all of us!

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Pagan hatred of Christianity&the rise of Fascism

by Arte_Mustahfa

The rebirth of paganism was identified quite clearly in the French Revolution, which is widely accepted as the political result of Enlightenment philosophy. The Jacobins, who led the bloody 'terrorist' period of the French Revolution, were influenced by paganism, and nurtured a great hatred of Christianity.
The neo-Pagan tendency which began with the French Revolution was given shape by Friedrich Nietzsche and carried forward to Nazi ideology. Evolutionists such as Charles Darwin, Francis Galton and Ernst Haeckel tried to give so-called scientific support to this new rising paganism, by denying the existence of God, showing that all of life consists of a...


by cheaande

The meaning of Darwinism has changed over time, and varies depending on who is using the term.
The term Darwinism is often used in the United States by promoters of creationism, notably by leading members of the intelligent design movement to describe evolution. In this usage, the term has connotations of atheism. Creationists use the term Darwinism, often pejoratively, to imply that the theory has been held as true only by Darwin and a core group of his followers, whom they cast as dogmatic and inflexible in their belief. Casting evolution as a doctrine or belief bolsters religiously motivated political arguments to mandate equal time for the teaching of creationism in public schools

— Mother Nature Network
Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this remote volcanic archipelago is famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

The Friday Project The Evolution of Inanimate Objects
Book (The Friday Project)


Who was the best scientist of all time?

When I say best I mean
and intelligently?

Morally, You can't say Einstein. Divorced his wife to marry his first cousin. (He had to bribe his ex-wife to divorce him with his Nobel Prize winnings) I admit I don't know all the hidden secrets of Newton or Copernicus, but they were both diligent. I could also go with Henry Eyring. He did a lot for modern physics/chemistry but never received the Nobel Prize. (Many think its because he was a Mormon) But he was definitely very smart and very moral.

Intelligent, I would say Fermi. He had a photographic memory. He never read the same book twice because He could recite 98% of it…

Is modern science able to put Darwin's ideas in perspective or is all of science subject to it?

If present day scientists hold Darwin's theories is such high regards that his thoughts, ideas and conclusions have become their foundation, does it mean there has been no better, smarter scientists since Darwin's time? Is there anyone who has other ideas? Isn't he just a fellow mortal?
Is all of existence physical or natural? Are there people who are really thinking free?

Others have addressed your evolution question.

As for your last questions - we've seen time and time and time again, throughout history, natural phenomena (including inside the human mind) that were once thought to be divine or supernatural have since been explained through natural means:

The Sun - was a God, now explained by science
The Moon - was a God, now understood by science
The stars - were God, now science
The tides - were attributed to God, now science
The seasons - attributed to God, now science
Earthquakes - were God, now science

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