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Field based units

The unique landscapes from arid central Australia to the tropical savannas in the north, are explored through an intensive 11-day field school that begins in Alice Springs and finishes in Darwin. Land management issues including fire, weeds, and water resources are considered within the context of the landscape processes and ecology of each region.

Offered for the first time in late-2009, this exciting unit involves a two-week field trip to eastern Indonesia, to investigate food and water resources in a village in West Timor.Environmental Science students >

Bare Sand Island Sea Turtle Research Field Camp

The annual Bare Sand Island Sea Turtle Research Field Camp is open to all volunteers from CDU and from outside organisations and the general public. Participation in the field work is geared to the individual's capabilities, previous experience and expectations.

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This five-day intensive unit is available to post graduate students and professionals. Using a mix of lectures, field experience and case studies from Australia and internationally, this course will give participants a deeper understanding of the skills required to participate in a diverse range of conservation, commercial and cultural enterprises.

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Units with significant field components

This unit involves locating individual students, in the second half of their degree, within industry. A placement may involve laboratory or field work. Previous placements have included field work involving sea turtle monitoring, freshwater stream monitoring, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate surveys, and vegetation measurement and mapping.

Environmental Science students Environmental Science students Environmental Science students Environmental Science students

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Ditching God

by Snakebyte_XX

Emboldened atheists are finding purpose in coming out of the closet
Charles Lewis, National Post
Published: Saturday, July 21, 2007
The Centre for Inquiry Ontario office is on the main floor of an old row house in downtown Toronto, but has the look of a spacious church basement. It has a piano, folding chairs in neat rows, and shelves of books, many with God in the title. But because it is a drop-in centre for atheists, humanists and secularists, the books are entitled, The God Delusion, Can We Be Good Without God? and Road to Reason; the magazines include the Canadian Free Thinker and Skeptical Inquirer; and there are T-shirts for sale emblazoned with "Darwin" and "Heretic

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Can you answer Charles Darwin Trivia Quiz?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?????
1) Charles’s Wife, Emma, was a keen and accomplished pianist. From whom did she once receive piano lessons?
A) Fryderyk Chopin
B) Hector Berlioz
C) Franz Liszt

2) When Charles and Emma were first married, they lived in a house in Gower Street, London (now the site of a UCL biology building). What was their nickname for the house?
A) Maer Mansions
B) Macaw Cottage
C) The Boxrooms

3) Which of the following people was NOT left handed?
A) Erasmus Darwin (Charles's grandfather)

1. A (from Chopin in Paris)
B - Finches
5. C - The Princess and the Goblin
A - Walter Crick
"Crick replied with not only the answers, but also the beetle and the shell. Both arrived alive, so Darwin put the "wretched" insect in a bottle with chopped ..."
10. B - Australia
"Charles Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle: Chapter XIX: Australia. ... and he who thinks with me will never wish to walk again in so uninviting a country"
15. Joseph Parslow
" Darwin's family home. Down House in Kent provided Charles Darwin with a ... black…

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